Absolutely. But there's a learning curve to masking, just like any other skill. To do it right you need
matched masking punches and contact frames. You tape your original to an appropriate sheet film like
FP4. After that, there are a LOT of details you need to learn, which I won't bother explaining unless you
are serious. Often an enlarged 35mm color neg will benefit from a contrast-increase mask, which involves a black and white interpositive first. Do you really enjoy darkroom work?? You get what you give - invest the time into the learning curve, and you'll never look back. Right now, I know someone
selling off a full set of Condit 4x5 registration gear, if you're interested. Expect to pay about what you would for a top-end lens. Otherwise, you can experiement with something like an old Gepe slide registration punch and matching registration mounts, or just register masks manually over a lightbox to see if this is for you or not. There are also a couple of folks making basic masking gear new, though the
Condit equip was the best.