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Well, I'll probably have a hard time with this one, but I'll give it my best! I doubt my wife would let me be in the same building with her if I had a camera while she was naked! Even something meant to be artistic. One question, does the subject have to be fully nude? Meaning can what shows up in the frame show any clothing? I understand you could easily portray the IDEA/illusion of being fully nude by creative angles, cropping or perspective.

Too bad its not summer and I don't still live on the beach. That would make this much easier.
The theme (under duress) has been change to "skin" make of that what you will.

No parts need to be seen, as I said, even a naked elbow would count.... (I swear if I get lots of elbow submissions...Haha).

The point was to INCLUDE everyone not disclude them... I will accept all and take the one that appeals to me as visually appealing, this doesn't mean I want to see sexy girls or boys, I want something interesting, fantastic light and all the things that make images pop


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