Up for sale is a Yashica Mat 124G. I bought the camera wanting to try to shooting square format, and it's just not for me, so it's gotta go. Selling the camera with lens cap and Yashica Bay 1 Close-Up Filter set.

Camera is in OK condition. Normal wear and tear through the ages. Taking lens and viewing lens are both in great condition with minimal dust. No fungus, haze, mold, etc. Shutter speeds are all accurate up to 1 second. But the Bulb setting or B does not work. When I try to use B, the shutter opens for about a second. Also, the light meter is not working. Not sure if it's a battery issue or something different.

I just got my first roll of film back from this camera, and all pictures were exposed nicely and plenty sharp. I can email scans if needed.

Asking $175 PayPal Gift of add 3% plus actual shipping. Will trade for Fuji gw670 plus cash from me.

PM for more info.