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Ok... this is an OLD thread... but seeing as I'm the one who started it, I might as well finish it.
It's amazing how easily I get sidetracked. I finally returned to this film after nearly four years, and picked up right where I left off. I tested a couple of sheets in HC-110 and got the same deep fog as before. (not appreciably worse, at any rate) I tried a quick bath in Farmer's, and did cut the fog, but also reduced everything else on the sheet. No better than before.

So I tried adding 10ml of 10%KBr to 500ml of HC-110 Dil-b and Eureka! Not a magic bullet, but the fog is cut by about 75%, while still having reasonable contrast and I have negatives I can print.
I did shoot the same scene with FP4+ and the HP4 came out only a little underexposed in comparison. I think that I can rate the HP4 at 200 and get some reasonable results.

Question for those who know this kind of thing... Now that I've resurrected this film, I'm wondering if there are tweaks to improve it even more. Could I get similar/better results by adding Farmer's A solution (ferri)?


I like when things work out.

Why not cut the sheets into smaller sizes like 6x7 and load that into an MF back to cut down on waste as you test the film. Or even 35mm... All you need is a dark bag, load the cut film in the back and close it expose the one frame and repeat. You can do it on your back porch (or inside if you use lighting). Saves a lot of waste.

Secondly, give Ilfsol 3 a try, I've had really good results with old film and Ilfsol 3, I know everyone says HC-110 is the go to anti-fog film but I've developed film from 1947 that had less fog than new film with HC-110 (this was only the case of 3200 speed film in HC-110).

Anyway just my thoughts. Also as I understand it and in my humble experience the rule is 1 stop per 10 years or so, assuming your film is at least 20 years old, rating at 100 would still be fine.

Again just an estimation. Try EI 160 as a new testing mark.


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