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I thought there were technical reasons why they can't coat pan F on sheet film?

Maybe Delta 100 in sheet is the best compromise? It can be downrated in something like perceptol to give a similar effect to a true low speed film at maybe an EI of 50. Maybe some of the gurus on here can get it to behave even more like an old slow emulsion with a pyro developer...
There are technical issues but then . . . . . . .

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Pan F+ in 4x5 ... I'm wondering why it's not already there? I've had some fun with Pan F+ in 135 and, to a lesser extent, in 120. I noticed its absence from the 4x5 lineup at Freestyle when I bought my first box of film last summer for my Crown Graphic (first LF camera).
Do we really need Pan F in LF sizes ?

I've used EFKE (Adox) Pl25 and Kb25 since the 1970's and it's similar in speed to Tmax100 - 50EI in Daylight, if I used FP4 it was at 64 EI - so close.

Last few years I've been shooting HP5 for 5x4 hand held work with my Crown and more recently Super Graphics and the quality in terms of grain, sharpness and tonality is outstanding, Delta 100 is now my main film. The quality of all the Ilford LF films is so high I couldn't think why I'd need PanF in LF sizes, however if my main work was on 120 or 35mm with a tripod I would use Pan F exclusively.