It's 2013 and this seems to be the state of affairs (in the US) related to C-41 processing kit availability:

- The Rollei-Digibase kit is gone. I called Freestyle -- first they said it was discontinued because of the packaging (Part C went bad quite often); then they said it was discontinued by the manufacturer. I have an inquiry in to the manufacturer (Agfa?).

- Freestyle sells Arista, Unicolor (both powder) and Tetenal (liquid) kits.

- B&H sells and will ship Tetenal powder kits.

(As far as I can tell, all of these kits use a blix and not a separate bleach and fix.)

- Photographer's Formulary doesn't seem to have any C-41 offerings at the moment.

- Kodak Flexicolor chemicals are still available, but packaging and availability is bewildering. Even so, it's sold in large liquid quantities, and seems impractical for occasional and casual home use.

Have I missed or misstated anything? I'm back to looking for a non-powder kit with separate bleach and fix.