How many sheets do I have?... It was opened by the previous owner, and he may have used a few... I've tested maybe a half-dozen sheets... I'm guessing perhaps 35 sheets remaining.

As for getting distracted, when I started this thread, I was working full time and volunteering six months of the year as the musical director for a community theatre group. Since then, I have retired from the real job, but have kept up with the theatre, and have invested many hours (and dollars) into trying to make a business from my photography. No rest for the wicked.

Stone, seeing as I already have a good estimate of the exposure for this film, I may try exposing a sheet and cutting it down for different development. I will see what mysterious developers I inherited when I bought a former pro's darkroom a few years ago.

Thanks for the suggestions folks. I am a little more encouraged now that I can get reasonable results with this film after all.