Does anyone out there know where one can purchase the Fuji GF670W (the wide version) medium format rangefinder? I own the regular Fuji GF670 and I absolutely love it. In fact, the more and more I use it the more I appreciate it. The metering is perfect, the rendering lovely, and being able to shoot those nice big 6x7 negatives in a modern camera is pretty amazing. Itís really become my go to camera the last couple of years.

Iím fully aware I can buy the Bessa III W from a variety of sources including Camera Quest but Iíd rather have the Fuji version. I donít even mind the premium cost of the Bessa version, but I want my camera to match the Fuji I already have so aesthetically they can be a pair. Itís kind of silly I know, but there you have it. The cheaper cost of the Fuji version would be nice tooÖbut ultimately I like the idea of having them look the same. Plus I just like to two-tone of the Fuji better overall. Itís more classic ďrangefinderĒ like.

I bought my Fuji GF670 brand new from Adorama but they donít seem to carry the Fuji version of the GF670 Wide. B&H doesnít seem to carry it either. Am I going to have to import it? I certainly hope notÖ