I'm not sure how you compiled this list without mentioning the Mamiya 7 and the Bronica RF645. And you just briefly mentioned the Mamiya 6. My recommendation is the Mamiya 6 or the RF645. Both are great cameras, though electronically controlled shutters, which is not an issue for me. The Mamiya 6 lens collapses into the body, and the RF645 is just compact as it is. Both are amazing amazing cameras!! Fuji 645 is pretty much the same as the RF645 but no where near as nice to use. and the VF's are not great on the Fuji RF's in my opinion. The Bessa III is nice and the Makina 67 is nice too but a bit pricey, BUT all three cameras you mentioned are fixed lens cameras. May not matter to you now, but who knows down the road you may want other focal lengths, and the Mamiya 6/Mamiya 7 and RF645 offer this.