LINK - that's a lot to ask of a not very internet savy person. So, here are some of the issues I'm having.

I think that my soak water temp and the air temp in the room as well as the low humidity is having an effect on the inking process. The ink seems to go on fine at first, but quickly slows down regarding moving the ink from light to dark areas. It eventually get's difficult for anything to happen, so I assume I need to re-soak the print. In doing so, while patting the print dry some of the ink in the lighter areas comes off so I assume I need to re-ink as well. Note that as my print session went on for about 3 hours the water and air temperatures in the room went up by about 4 degrees to the point where the ink went on and wouldn't come off. Obviously, everything was getting too warm for things to work properly.

One of the problems I have is living in the desert area of Southern California, the ground water temperature is higher than normal (this time of year it's about 78 degrees) and the humidity is always pretty low. Coolling the water with ice bags is certainly an option that shouldn't be difficult. Humidifying the air is another issue, so I'm going to at least for now overlook that as a problem.

Some my trial prints have been on glossy paper so that is also probably causing problems.

So - last question is that most of the published information/books may not be current anymore. What are the easiest papers to us for beginners with Bromoil printing?


Here's another wierd situation I encountered yesterday. Tried some prints on Fometone MG Classic paper - it's one of the only papers I have that is semi matt finish. The print seemed to work fine and the detail was good, but I got a lot of irregular white blotches in the print - looked like real big snow flakes. I assume that this paper might not work well for bromoils.