I recently purchased a densitometer (Xrite-810) to get a better handle on the relationship between my exposure, negatives and prints. I also purchased a Stouffer step wedge that I used to make prints on Ilford MGIV Deluxe RC Pearl paper using Ilford VC filters. Development was done in Dektol 1+2 20C and 1m30sec development. When I measured the results I was a little surprised in that the contrast in the hi-light region appeared to be the same in grades 1,2 and 3 with the only separation being in the shadows. Attached is the data for both a LED Diffusion head and Tungsten Condenser (75W bulb). Both are quite similar. The densitometer checks out vs it's calibration material (reflected metal piece and the transmitted step wedge). I also measured the Stouffer step wedge using the densitometer. Do these results seem typical? They do not seem to match the graphs that Phil Davis has in his BTZS book. Then again, I think he was using single graded paper. My concern is that in practice the shadows will print at a higher relative contrast vs the highlights.