I had ordered some Adox Variotone Warmtone, and really loved this paper. Adox MCC 110 was also a great paper, but the warmth of the Variotone is something I want to play with more. Unfortunately, I cannot order from Freestyle anymore. The cost to ship 3 packets of 8x10 paper is quoted at $37 for the cheapest method which is quite absurd. B&H only charges $17.95 to ship 3 packets of 8x10 paper using the same method. Anyway, Freestyle Photo's customer service has been unhelpful, telling me first that there is an air surcharge (which doesn't exist), and then second that they charge more since they are a smaller company. I'd love to give them my business, since they are the only US distributor of Adox papers, but I cannot afford such inflated shipping costs when they could easily send it in a medium flat rate box for $12.95.

So now I must switch to another brand of paper that I can buy from B&H. Ilford warmtone was too dull in the highlights from what I remember, and I am wondering if anyone could recommend a warmtone paper that retains clean highlights while giving a warm rich shadows. The Variotone Warmtone was really just perfect, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks much,