I had a Fuji folder 645. Actually two as the first was stolen and I replaced it. Replaced the bellows once by Frank at Camera Wiz (cheap and prompt, I recall). Great optics but a reputation for being fragile. I never had any issues with mine and it was very gratifying to easily pack it along. I found a very small belt-mount camera bag that it just fit into and a side pocket that held a small flash. A few rolls of film went in a shirt pocket and I was ready for about anything that the day presented. I wish I had it back.

The vertical format was actually an asset for a great many applications as it made for a quick handling candid camera. Projects destined for an album are better served with vertical orientation when possible and the little Fuji was capable of great 8X10's. I now use a Bronica 645RF and like it for all of the above reasons but it isn't nearly as portable as the Fuji was but gives me some focal length choices.