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I had only one run-in with police in Moscow - they told me (through gestures since my Russian extends to numbers and "I don't understand it in Russian") I could photograph in the subway but not use a tripod. Overall I found the people very relaxed and friendly; I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Seriously, don't miss the subway.

I would love to do some urbex around there, but that is of course going to be (much?) higher risk.
Indeed, the subway stations are on my list, I hear they can be really nice with decorations and stuff.
I also do Urbex when I can and I visited a couple of places in Germany a couple years back ( http://helino-photo.blogspot.no/2011...orium.html?m=0 )

Somewhere outside Moscow, there is a 50 km long abandoned and unfinished underground particle accelerator and I bet there are loads of other cool stuff to explore as well ^^ (the community have Russian participants who you can contact I think )