I suppose this isn't a proper introduction because I have in fact been using this site since a few years ago, but took a bit of a hiatus from photography and am finally "back in the game" so to speak. It's been about a year since I was last seriously into photography, and now I feel that my work has really captured what I've always wanted it to be, it's really getting to the point where it's become something I am proud of. I'm a bit young to be dabbling in such an ancient process, at 19 years old, but I must say I do love it. I might be the only 19 year old you know who doesn't own a digital camera, and I might also be the only 19 year old you know who shoots in medium and large format, processes his film at home, and proceeds to print them at home with one of his 5 enlargers scoured from craigslist. Recently I've taken a huge amount of love towards brass lenses, and a turn of the century extra rapid rectilinear lens is on it's way here as we speak, hopefully to be mounted to a graphex shutter I have for my cambo 4x5. Anyways I believe I introduced myself 2 or 3 years ago when I first joined the site, but I felt a re-introduction was in order because I am a different photographer now. Please check out my work at: luseboy.500px.com or luseboy.tumblr.com if you wouldn't mind and give me any feedback you feel fit. My goal for the next few months is to get my photography recognized a bit better, and to continue to improve and print once every other week or so, shooting in between.