I've used it, liked it, but did not see a huge difference in color saturation or contrast, only a slight difference compared to other color print films I've used (Fuji Superia, Kodak Royal Gold). But I have to add the caveat that the only prints I ever got from the negatives were machine prints with no custom tweaking. The default settings on those machines tend to make all films look the same, so there may actually be more information on the negs than I am seeing in the prints. That said, for a 400 speed film the grain is very fine, and the machine 8X12 enlargements I got made displayed lovely sharpness and details, and if I had need for a color print film I would reach first for UC or Portra VC, which a portrait/wedding photographer I know uses with great results - UC does tend to make skin tones a bit on the ugly side, though nothing as exaggerated as Velvia 50.