Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200 is Fuji C200 repacked. Cheap, but good!
Probably fine, but C200 was a budget alternative to even Superia 200 (which I use, and is definitely a good film). It's no longer manufactured, nor is Agfa Vista+ 200 listed anywhere. It's fine to use end-of-line budget films from discount stores, but I still suggest spending a little more on premium brands initially. That way you know that bad images are not the result of bad film or bad film storage. Once you have a baseline, use any budget film and if it turns out good, it's good!

For me, I would rather load known-good film bought from a mainstream outlet, which I know has been stored properly, than save 3-4 and risk taking all the time and trouble shooting a whole film on a budget roll, only to regret it when the images come back.

@Rookie. the XA is a great camera - one of the best small cameras, but as a compact you don't really have the scope to be creative with depth of field, and camera shake on a compact is always a greater risk than on a larger camera. I suggest complementing the XA with an SLR. Check out completed listings on fleabay for Minolta X300's (IMO one of the best cheap SLRs out there) and you'll see many get sold for <20, One kit sold for 1.36 plus postage!! Try and find one with the 50mm F1.7 lens and you won't be disappointed!