Hi - looks like it is focussed well before infinity. Is your Leica one with an opening back panel? If so you can put a ground glass against the film rails, set the camera on 'B' with the shutter open and experiment with focussing on different objects at differing distances to see:
1) Whether you can focus on anything at all,
2) What point on the scale currently relates to infinity.

If you can't focus on anything at all, it may be that someone has had the lens apart and lost a spacer or put one of the elements in back-to-front.

If you can focus on something then previous posters suggestions about unscrewing the focus mount and moving on to another thread may be the answer.

If you can't mount a glass screen on the camera, try cutting a card tube to 28.8mm (focal distance of the Leica screw thread body), placing the lens in the front and a ground glass on the back and doing the same experiment. This is a rough and ready way of checking the lens out :>)