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I would love to make this gathering, the timing has always been bad on previous ones for me but have always wanted to drive up for the get-together.
Welcome. You may have read the following that I posted when Red Tractors said he would like to come. Send me information and I will return with information.

"In the first post I wrote, “If you have not been here before please PM me with name, address, phone, email and emergency contact in case you do something you shouldn’t have. I will return with directions and our phone number.”

I purposely copied Bill Schwab’s plan of stating various times during the event when, in theory, we would all come together. Those are Friday evening after 5 PM, 9 AM and 5 PM Saturday, and Sunday 10 AM brunch. Other times are catch as catch can.

Please ask any questions you have. Let me know if you are camping. Come and enjoy.

John & Dolly Powers"

Tell the group your name and about your interests, especially relative to this event.