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Thanks for the reply. The college darkroom uses Dektol 1:2. I could try Ilford again, since I might have a few sheets left, but I just remember feeling it was too warm.
Ilford Warmtone in Dektol goes really green. I prefer to use a warmtone developer. I've used ethol LPD diluted 1:5. That's a great developer because you can alter how warm it gets by changing the dilution, and it comes in a powder form so you're not paying to ship water. I've also used Ilford Warmtone developer, but it's a liquid developer.

Like you, I find Freestyles prices a little high, so most of my business goes to B&H, but there are items that Freestyle carries that you can't get anywhere else, and Freestyle will also ship certain chemistry that B&H does not, such as Edwal's Platinum II developer which I love with Ilford's WT paper, so from time to time, I'll bite the bullet.

FWIW, I liked the Adox Variotone Warmtone very much, but it's tone seems much cooler to my eye than Ilford's Wamtone, even after toning in sepia, but that really is a matter of taste.