Ian, thank you for chiming in—I have been re-reading your various posts, and I was just about to mix ID-62 as per your recipe, except cutting down KBr to 1g and upping BTA to a total of 0.3g/l stock. I was wondering, however, if the dilution has an effect on tone. You recommended 1+3 dilution for ID-62, is that because of the longer developing time, or to maintain contrast? Someone else was suggesting that a more concentrated developer might work colder, I am a bit confused.

On another note, you have just pointed out that PQ works warmer than MQ, unless BTA is added. Do I take it that PQ+BTA is colder-working, in general, than MQ+BTA? I am about to go to the darkroom this afternoon, so I also have a choice of trying a variant of ID-62 or Ansco 103 (not 130), which is pretty similar but with metol.

Michael, thanks for your advice, I will write what I discover, when I'm through with all the combinations, there are just so many of them to try.