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I second the advice on the SL66. Optics are the same as Hasselblad but cheaper. They do not need maintenance also since they have no shutter or helicoid. Only once with my 150mm lens I had the aperture to be fixed.
Are the optics cheaper? When I was researching medium format SLRs, it seemed like the Rollei system was the once place that didn't have a price advantage over Hasselblad. Whereas the Mamiya and Bronica lenses can be found for very lowprices, the Rollei lenses (and accessories) seemed higher on average. Also, there is so much Hasselblad equipment on the used market that if you are patient, you can find most items for very competitive prices (if you aren't attached to the absolute newest bodies and lenses). Lots of people overprice 'blad stuff though, so you have to look around that. You may have something on the maintenance cost, but I suspect a Rollei repair (if needed) would be more costly due to scarcity of parts.