Also, Tudorcolor film is thought to be Fujifilm.
It seems so!

I read recently in a newsletter from Firstcall-photographic, that Fuji are ending deals to manufacture film for other suppliers.
Thanks for the info! I'll have a look at what actually Fuji Japan is saying.
BTW, Fuji just announce new packaging design for its Pro products, or at least some of them!

I don't use film cameras to save money and increasingly believe that if an image is not worth using a first-tier film on, it probably isn't worth pressing the shutter.
True! But, as I said, the old distinction between first-class and second-class films is getting blurry. We never had such good films and with the ongoing shrinking of the film choice, I am glad we still have that choice. Remember, different brushes, different strokes. And to get a particular effect, you might want to use a budget film. As an example, I use Lucky Colour 100 (discontinued last Sept.) as it has soft colours and a 60's feel. Others have found out that Rollei CN200 creates a look reminiscent of the Technicolor films of the 40s.