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Harman have already made it clear several times that Pan F+ on sheet isn't viable for technical reasons.

I wasn't trying to put the idea down, only deal with the reality of the situation..

I did not try to tell you how to do anything. I asked a question:

Please tell me, how is asking a question, one that I have said that I do not have the answer to, telling you how to do anything at all?

And you thing that me asking, since Harman have already said 'no', if there could maybe be another way to acheive the required effect, is showing a lack of respect and politeness?

Very sorry. I will take great care never to risk offending you again.
Sorry man, it was late and I was just annoyed at how many people were poopoo-ing the idea, I don't care what others say that's what I want PanF+ in 4x5 and I'll just keep asking and hoping Sorry if I was a jerk earlier.