Tell him to call my old employer (1978), Cooter's Village Camera. They should be able to give him the name of either a factory authorized repair person, or a quality local shop. They may ask him to bring it in and want to take a cut, but they're an old-style family store, and serving the customer is the first priority, so if he says he wants to take it in himself, I suspect they'd give him the info. Often, their motivation in having the camera brought to them is a quick look at the camera to make sure it's not something simple like a dead battery, so the customer avoids any estimate charge from the repair shop.

I can't tell you how many people shopped us, bought at a discount place, then had to come to us for repairs and advice. If you bought from us, no handling charge on a repair, but we charged a few bucks if you bought elsewhere, and probably made more on that $5 - $10 charge than the discount houses made on their very slim camera markups for a body and lens.

I haven't lived there in a very long time, so don't know the current local repair people and reputations myself. Lots of APUGers in that area, so you'll probably get other good advice on specific repair places.