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I feel the same way about steel reels - hate 'em and never could get the hang of them. The Jobo plastics are the easiest 35mm and 120 reels to load of any I have used and the 2509n is even easier (granted I have no problem with my SS 4x5 hangers though.)

If the 3006 wasn't even easier to load, I'd be more than happy with the 2509ns that I have.

I really don't understand what the issue is. Perhaps try loading some ULF film in a tent before you claim loading 4x5 is difficult! Maybe embarrassingly large hands makes it easy for me to load the 2509n?

As for the loading guide? I find them a pain to use, not because they're difficult, but because they offer no discernible benefit. Just something else to scratch the negs in the dark...