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Every year he accepts request, so that's my request, I'll keep requesting it anyway, he's never said no to me personally and as I understand the only issue is that the base is thin and he perceives that people wouldn't be happy with that, and I've said and a few others agree they would deal with having a thin base for a trial run, it's the same as Rollei IR film in thin-ness and people buy that, so if that's the only issue, he may do a run if he gets enough requests and he can use the feedback from that to see if it's worth making with the current base, anyway, please can we move on, it's just a request, I'm not trying to fight, but let me make my request and hear from Simon if he doesn't like it :-P

Realism is needed nothing is is going to change. Mirco of Fotoimpex has said similar that a slow film isn't economic so no new APX25 - key chemicals have gone.

Word in the trade is Kodak have stopped making film, they have master rolls to last 3-4 years, then it's over, just like they did with Kodachrome.