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I was just saying that I am having some difficulty adjusting to the manual nature of my Hasselblad over my F5.
Understandable. After auto-everything, getting used to a focus ring can be quite the challenge.

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For example, I shot some pics of my kids in the garden the other day (have just sent the films off) using my Blad and by the time I'd focussed on my 1.5yr old, he'd moved!
As was said, this simply takes practice. Do you have an eye-level prism finder? In my opinion, such a thing is an absolute must for action shots. Yes, infants and toddlers fall in that category! I've not used a Hassy before, but I imagine you can still set up your hands so that one supports camera and has a finger poised over the shutter release, while the second is manning the focus ring. Preset your aperture and shutter speed based upon lighting conditions (or flash distance/guide number). Natural light photography will require faster shutter speeds.

Just a case of learning a few more skills. You can practice also by setting your F5 into full manual mode.

I must admit, I wish I had your problem… Of owning a Hassy, that is.