A lot depends on the specific paper, but most VC papers will go cooler if you work mainly with the high
contrast (blue-sensitive) layer, and develop to completion, so the silver particles are large. So you start
with a slightly soft neg. Some cold tone developers simply go greenish. For example, my favorite cold
tone tweak for Polygrade V, which created a blue-black, will not create the same tone in MGWT. Rather,
I actually achieve a cold tone using a relatively warm developer and then gold toning. But you've asked
for no toner. Using benzotriazole instead of KBr might or might not cool the image. Just depends on the
specifics. Not only is each paper different, but changes in developer, developer temp, and even exp light will have an effect regarding warmth/coolness. I don't find this fact frustrating at all, but part of
a broad suite of potential tools to fine-tune the final effect.