For Sale: Nikon F2A camera. The camera operates. The shutter speeds seem accurate. The meter-prism works. The camera HAS NOT BEEN cleaned, lubricated


Shipping: Free with Japan Post EMS Airmail Service. It takes about 3 to 5-days to arrive. There may be a delay due to customs inspection.

Costs will vary based on buyer`s location. Shipping to

1. US and Canada is 195 USD

2. UK/ Europe is 190 USD

3. Australia/ New Zealand 180 USD

4. Singapore/ Hong Kong/ Thailand 180 USD

5. Taiwan/ Korea 175 USD

6. Central/ South America 205 USD

Body Condition: Excellent. The outside is in great condition. There are no major scratches. There are light scratches from every day use. There are no dents. There is a white smudge mark on the metered-prism. Film transport is very smooth. The shutter curtains are clean and not wrinkled.

The self-timer works. The film door closes tightly and firmly.

Metered-prism Condition: The viewfinder is clean. There is no mold or haze inside the prism. There is some light dust. Focus is not affected.

The metered-prism attaches and detaches without a problem. It locks firmly into when attached. The focusing screen has light dust as well.

Internal Displays: All internal viewfinder displays work and are clearly visible. I can see the shutter speeds, the f-stop and the +/- meter reading.

Shutter Condition: The shutter seems accurate. The shutter curtains are in good condition. There is no mold, pin holes or wrinkles to the curtain.

Meter Condition:The meter 1-stop under-exposing. When I set the ISO to various ISO settings the meter adjusts to match the ISO setting.

Other operationsí The stop down preview or depth of preview button operates. The self-timer works. The mirror up works.

The camera will need new light seals.

Notes: The is no case and strap or body cap available with the camera.

I offers refunds minus shipping.

Customs/Duties: The buyer is responsible for any customs and duties taxes levied on the item(s) you buy. I will fill out the customs forms correctly.

I will not mark as a gift etc.