I agree that it's wonderful to see the work here and I'd love to see more. But I'm sure that there are others like me who participate in discussions, but have a specific reason for not posting photos. You see, the analog process for me ends when the film comes out of the tank. I don't print, though I'd like to someday. When my film is dry I cut and scan, and while I do stay very close to what can be done in the darkroom, I still feel that I'm probably outside APUG's ideals for posting. So I don't post out of respect for the beginning-to-end analog workflow that is the purpose of this site. BUT - the discussions about film, camera work, theory, equipment, events, classifieds, etc.... that stuff can't be had anywhere else (including DPUG). In APUG's FAQ area it says that the site was founded because people were tired of searching through digital forums for relevant info, and I still feel their pain 10 years later. So there's one reason for being part of the discussion without posting images, I'm sure you'll hear more, and I doubt any of us believe we "should go away".