Welcome, I appreciate any possible economic constraints you are under and that you are looking for advise.
You say you have read about each.. I have used the Industar 51, the 37 as I just scanned google is an entirely different animal (long telephoto)
Perhaps the 22 is what you are cross shopping which is a sharper contrasty lens than the 51 (which isn't exactly soft just different).

Neither will be of much use for serious architectural images, both have their points for landscape. The 51 better suited for portraits.
I have a Jupiter 8 and Industar 51 ready for a head to head showdown when my m3 comes home from the repairman.

Hope that helps... take a look at my post over here read it and think.... especially if you are under 30! http://www.apug.org/forums/forum54/1...a-effendi.html