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whowwantstoast... I'll give you a pass... only 24 posts.
See, that's just it. I don't need a snarky "pass" from you, and neither does anyone else. And I don't actually care what you think of my process. You said yourself that "Women like Rena Effendi took the nearest tool available in the budget they had, and got to work." That's exactly what I'm doing. APUG says that "This site is mainly focused on community discussions and information regarding traditional photographic processes." Notice that it says discussions? Discussions are the main purpose of this site, and any member who calls for any other members' ouster for "discussing too much" isn't understanding that. Like I said, I'd love to see more images too, but saying we should kick people out for not posting images is just windy posturing. Why would you want people to shut up? That's counterproductive.