I have two f/4.5 Tessar lenses with this camera. One, a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 250mm will focus to infinity and is an absolutely wonderful lens. I love using it for portraits. However, as you can imagine, it is a large lens and the front door of the camera will not swing closed when I have this lens attached. The second is a very nice Bausch and Lomb 210mm f4.5 that fits perfectly and allows the front door to close properly. Unfortunately it will not focus to infinity although I am uncertain why this is. It does seem very close so I suspect that if I constructed a recessed lens board it would not take much to get it to work. However, it does work beautifully at closer distances so it is quite useable as a portrait lens. I also have another B&L 190mm Tessar on the way, which should provide a "standard" view for this camera, assuming it will focus correctly.

I know that the 190mm Kodak was considered a standard for this camera but it should accept lenses from around 8 inches through about 12 inches I suspect. But, as long as I am playing anyway, I though I would try to locate any useful information regarding focal length ranges that could be used with this camera. I am reading quite a bit at Graflex.org but any additional help is certainly appreciated.

These are big cameras, no doubt about it, but I have been having a blast working with this old time, large format SLR. It will take me some time but if Dorothea could swing one of these around I suspect I can learn to do it as well.