All, (ok, most) of the junk has been moved out of the 7' X7' hole in the corner of the basement that I am constructing the darkroom in. Still need to clean the heck out of everything and rig up a ceiling to try and limit dust precipitation.

I sacrificed a half finished tinker-tubes style softbox projects for it's 1/2 PVC pipe and used it to start constructing the wall, it's beyond crude, but it's a step above just hanging the black plastic from the rafters. Also picked up the 1-1/2" pipe for the drain.

I have a new-ish de-humidifyer running in the basement. I am going to start saving the water it collects in jugs to use to mix chemicals. My tap water (well) is insanely hard and has to be run through a softener.

A friend of mine suggested working on the physical installation first before I chase down any more equipment. So that is my current focus.