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I don't think FL are any cheaper than FDs, from what I've seen. They're scarcer, and harder to find (maybe).

Just one good lens? Depends on what you want. You said landscapes and street photography, but IMO those are 2 mutually exclusive kinds of lenses.

I'd go for a wide for the landscapes. Get anything in the 20-28mm range. Usually that's 20, 24, or 28, with 28 being the more common (IMO). For street, you often want a bit of distance. If you want to take pictures of unaware people a 100mm maybe. If you want an all-purpose and don't mind being closer to your subject, a fast 50mm will suit you in almost all environments.
Yea I'd agree I think the FL's are scarcer as well.

The FD system sold TONS of cameras, the AE-1 in particular was a very popular "prosumer" camera of the day. If you like Nikon, then consider Steve McCurray ... please accept my apologies if I'm wrong, but he was a Nikon shooter and his lens of preference was a 35mm ... so take a Nikon users example (since you're primarily a Nikon guy) and go with a 35mm ... you'll have the ability to shoot a wide range of images and not get stuck with the issue of not being able to get everything in the frame and also still not so wide that everything looks warped.

Good Luck!