Lithium batteries are a bit more robust in cold conditions than either alkaline or zinc. In New Zealand I was shooting in temperatures of 3C often, cold enough to impair my dexterity and fog optics.

It's a very different camera, but of notable mention: my EOS1N's power drive booster E1 holds 8 lithium AA batteries (for reducing weight and readiness in cold and hot conditions). This set will have been in service for 7 years this June (!)

I have no idea how many rolls/exposures over that time. Lithium batteries have a steep 'sudden death' curve, manifesting as hesitation, then an unpredictable 'stop': in some cameras this can mean a film jam/inability to rewind/mirror lock/shutter lock or a combination of them. They really need to be tested every couple of months to observe any 'creep' leading to failure.