For fine analog work the 38 vx the 40... the 38 is so very fine.

Price... bemuses me. I have encountered people "selling" items off and on for 3 years, and it is their right to ask what they ask, I see many of the same items listed week after week (even month) here and on e-bay. Part of what sets the price is what the market is willing to pay (along with what the seller is willing to sell). I think the prices for these items are mostly set by the sellers, but there are too many sellers with high expectations and low need for cash.

Folks "ask" all year long for a high price say for a Summicron 50, that being said there are dozens willing to pay 70% of the markets asking price to use the lens... as we know "flipping" it isn't worth it, or easy... then there are fees postage and insurance.

KEH may be your best bet to find the SWC you seek.... I anticipate the prices going lower for these items in the next 3 years... I'd hold out for a T*. My current Hasselblad mechanic is Dave of Dave's Camera Repair in Chelsea MI.