OP, download the 1963 GOI and 1970 and '71 Yakovlev lens catalogs from http://www.lallement.com/pictures/files.htm

The I-51 is a normal lens for 5x7. It is not a wide angle lens, won't cover 8x10, should be used on 5x7 and smaller formats. The I-37 is a normal lens for 8x10, also not a wide angle lens, should be used on 8x10 and smaller formats.

Get and use the one that's appropriate for the size of ambrotype you want to make.

vpwphoto, get the catalogs and study them. You'll learn that in the Soviet scheme of things, names like Helios, Industar, Jupiter, Russar, ... identified (usually) a design type and were applied to lenses with a wide range of focal lengths and coverages.