1954-1958 SWA & SW Leaf "Superwide Angle": fixed Carl Zeiss Biogon f/4.5 38 mm wide angle lens. SW: 1956 slightly changed lens barrel construction.
1959-1979 SWC Leaf With silver C lens, from 1969 with black C lens, from 1973 with T*
1980-1988 SWC/M Leaf Successor to the SWC. Ability to attach a polaroid back. From 1982 with CF lens. From 1985 onwards: spirit level in new style finder, removed from body.
Is there a reason to opt for an SWC/M over the earlier two? I do not care about polaroids or T*. All backs are compatible, right? What is the difference between the SWA&SW and the SWC? I'm still a bit lost in which is best for me or if it matters? I'm thinking of going for an SWC, or just whichever I see cheapest (and in good condition ofcourse), but I do not want to get an SWC and realize that I should have gotten the SWC/M.

All I want is the camera, viewfinder, 1-2 backs, and the ground glass back. I'd get a hood and maybe two filters: UV and Yellow.