We're all allowed to have an opinion of what's important to us, and what is not. I'm one of those people who gravitate to using the gallery more than the forum, but obviously there are those that are on a different journey.

To me it's the variety of backgrounds that make APUG what it is, and discussions of all sorts of things that keeps the site living, breathing, and attractive to others. Often I have sought advice from the forum members when something went wrong in my process, while posting work to the gallery to get feedback on the work that I do and ideas that I have for future and existing projects. Sometimes I even find that I have something to give back, by assisting with my perspective on things in the forum, or extending comments to other people's work in the galleries (either in appreciation, or sometimes suggestive about improvements).

It's all good, if you ask me. We need all kinds of participants. Many are introverts and are not comfortable showing their work in the galleries, while others are more extrovert and don't mind sharing some of their work. It's as much a thing of personality as it is a thing of different needs or what people want out of their participation.

Have fun, guys and gals.