Starter is needed for most C41 developer. A bottle lasts a long time. The product pictured at the link a few posts up is for the LORR version, which is different than the regular C41. (more expensive, I think, but should still work ok). I don't use the LORR stuff, personally.

You can recycle C41 dev, but it's better not to. A box to make 5 gallons (19L) is about $25 from Adorama. that will do about 192 rolls of 120 or 35mm for me, or 48 sheets of 4x5, in my SSK4. I can live with using that one-shot, at that price, personally. (fix and final rinse are even cheaper. Bleach is more $ but can be recycled almost indefinitely.)

re: "If I anticipated a lot of developing, I would use the Tetenal 5 liter kit for about $75."

Why? The tetenal stuff is definitely lower grade, and more expensive than the Kodak chemistry.