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3. Adotech I was not a very good developer, in particular because uniformity was terrible. People argued with me on this, citing the claims Adotech I was "perfectly matched" to CMS20. Since Adox then reformulated it, my guess is it was not "perfectly" matched after all. I have not tried Adotech II. Hopefully it is better. I would try that first.
If that is your reasoning then you may be mistaken. Adotech was probably matched for batches of CMS20. I have used CMS 20 in 120 format and I remember when I bought my first rolls Freestyle had a big warning on their website to only use Adotech I with 35mm CMS 20. They told us to wait for Adotech II for our 120 rolls. My understanding was there was something different about the 120 rolls. That change may have eventually occurred with the 35mm rolls. It doesn't make sense for Freestyle to be pushing Adotech I wholeheartedly for 35mm while telling everyone in big bold letters to wait for Adotech II for 120 unless there was some difference in the actual CMS 20 emulsions.