Thanks Tom and Rbultman (and everyone who took the time to read my little rant).

I meant to stir the pot a little (sorry if I dirtied the nest, not my intent but looks like the outcome).

I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone/group... I came right out and said it was a rant and I wasn't entirely serious.

I was just struck again that many of the photographers I respect so much can give nary a thought about which lens is sharper, or what camera is for what process.

I like to help folks with technical issues pertaining to equipment I have used, (I am a bit of a fondler-- although nothing sits on a shelf in my studio... it has a use or it moves on)
or processes/issues I have been confronted with.

I genuinely was puzzled from my perspective with people with 1000's of posts and no images. That was my perspective, and the thoughtful responses have re-grounded me as to what sorts of people enjoy/benefit from APUG. And I thank you.