thank you everyone for your answers.

Drew, I do this mostly as a hubby. Although I am a serious hubbiest and I love photography with a passion, I don't want to invest beyond my limits. My finances do not allow me to move up the format. I need to stick with 35mm. I've been doing digital for a while and a couple of actual jobs if I've done, I did them in Digital. The Darkroom is a huge curiosity to experiment what I feel was truly photography and evolution of it. (I am sure that's a debatable subject). It is something I never had the chance to experiment before. I am loving it and enjoying it quite as much. Going back to the original subject, I do have to keep it low budget. I like learning all these techniques mostly for the reasons I mentioned above. I've been buying all used stuff through ebay. I dont want to take up your time unless you already have it writted down, the links here noted plus the advise are good enough. This website has been a wealth of information and this is a nice community of people willing to help.
I must note that all the techniques on camera I use do render quite sharp negatives, I have the ability to scan and print on a Epson printer. Of course when I compare the two prints , the Digital vs. the Analog. The Digital wins every time. But that's mostly because I am new to print in color in the darkroom. I am sure as I improve the techniques , they could come closer but I doubt that could arrive to digital. (35mm). That's why I like asking all these questions. I just love to learn. I am very serious but it remains a hubby.

thank you guys.