What exactly are people trying to accomplish going to such lengths with these films? In the days when medium and large format gear was expensive and when Tech Pan was readily available along with the developer it could make a certain kind of sense for some photographers and subjects. But now? None of these films are as good as Tech Pan with Technidol was, and that wasn't good for everything and every subject. Films like TMX are far better, or at least far finer grained, than even slow conventional films of the pre-T-grain era, and finally medium format and large format gear is much less expensive. Get some TMX or Acros or Delta 100 (in that order if you are after the finest grain) and spend some time to really dial it in with pretty much any standard developer. If that's still not fine grained enough for you in 35mm, get a medium format camera for the same or less money than you'll spend on repeated Procrustean attempts to adapt a film poorly suited to pictorial photography to do something it isn't designed for.

If you just like tinkering, fine, I get that though I prefer to use my tinkering time and energy on things less frustrating and more likely to be workable.