This is actually for a friend. I'm helping his widow sell his gear off at the moment. This little guy is unique enough I wanted to give you all here in the community first dibs before I ebay'd it later this week.

Overall condition, cosmetically, is a bit rough. It has a good bit of wear, he didn't really put things into cases or bags, they just kinda sat around.
But it seems to be fully functioning, despite its lack of being able to win a beauty pageant!
Serial # is 1155, not sure if that means anything to ya'll, but that's the info I have on it.
Spring back is nice and snappy, not super duper tight, but it'll hold an rb67 back(see sharpie marks on g/g for 6x7) back nice and firmly.
Comes as pictured, everything included.
Geared track on bottom of rails shows some rust. Still works fine, but might need a steel brushing to make it all perty again!

Price & shipping:
$255 shipped in the USA, int'l add $45 for Priority Mail postage worldwide.
Paypal(split fees 50/50) or USPS Money Orders