We hope you will chime in more often, Colleen. It's so nice to hear from someone that has knowledge of the ongoings at Kodak. It is something that is sorely missed among Kodak film lovers, and the lack of communication creates a bit of a negative attitude towards them.
There are lots of us that love the products, and are passionate about it.

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Hi Ian,

There's no truth to that rumor. Traditional films continue to be an important part of the our product portfolio. We have worked hard to create sustainable models for the traditional portfolios, which will enable us to meet marketplace demands well into the future. If you're looking for places to purchase and/or process Kodak film, our updated our Kodak Film App for the iPhone (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/koda...568463694?mt=8) should be available by week's end. This Friday, we're also kicking off our weekly blog featuring photographers who use our films and why they love them (http://1000words.kodak.com).

Colleen Krenzer
PR for Kodak Film