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Single, multi-, double-sided or spectral coatings...whatever is there or not will not be helped by placing a filter, or several filters, on the front of the lens. Filters today are several orders of magnitude greatly more effective in dealing with flare on either or both sides of the filter; they are often a good choice for hedging the menace on old lenses with known predisposing factors to flare or image degradation from contrasty light sources.
I'm puzzled:
First you state that a filter does not affect the result any coating of a lens has. (What I agree to, with the exception that a colour filter might cut off just the part of the spectrum a lens coating is less effective on.)

Then you state a filter to be a remedy against flare on old lenses due to contrasty light sources.

Does the latter hint at using a colour filter to cut-off/reduce the luminance from an obstrusive light source?