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Since I have been stopped in the past from posting any info on how this is done using separation negatives via digital means it may be hard to understand where I am going with this... I think a great pity as many workers are doing this but unfortunately APUG community is not being updated about some exciting work being tested.
Now Bob, I have always had a lot of respect for your contributions but this is a little over the top.

At the top of every APUG page is a link to the forum where all this can be discussed. Those who care can go there. I personally lost most of my interest in high tech darkroom/graphic arts work long before there were digital cameras. All digitizing work was done with high speed drum scanners. Separation printing was fun but really, this is a group of people who still adore printing the old analog way.
As far as pre-mounting paper on aluminum? Just to keep the FB paper flat? What happened to a drymount press with your dried prints in between acid free Arches or the like? I have prints 35 years later just as flat as the day I flattened them Oh yeah, and not stained because the one thing they did teach up in Photography school was archival processing.

It is good to see there are some people still with cool jobs in galleries, museums, etc that get to play with neat stuff that yes, transcends the analog digital boundary.

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